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Updates of Dropit Pro have ceased, replaced by the new freeware version of Dropit, which works perfectly with Windows 10. You can find Dropit here.

Version 5.0 is the easiest to use version ever, with a larger area to drag from, a built in character generator, easier login file usage, a new single mouse click option to send text without dragging and dropping, a new undo feature, a Favorites menu item to quickly reload favorite listbox files, a built in tutorial, and more. Dropit Pro now lets you open files stored on the internet, and correctly handles those dropdown selection boxes in browser forms, so you can automate them, as well as filling in all the text edit boxes.
Dropit Pro - the original and unique drag and drop utility
The shareware version of Dropit Pro has a registration reminder screen, which shows once a day. In addition, only one launch menu item will work. The unregistered version of Dropit Pro will only run 30 days. For just $25 you can register Dropit Pro, and receive the code which enables all the functions and keeps Dropit Pro running, by email.

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