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Icon Clock is a great looking digital alarm clock which doesn't take over your screen. Icon Clock will now let you use any kind of sound files for its alarm, reminder, and chimes sounds! It also has two registration options, and new colors. Choose from four different clock faces, create your own colors for the time display and background (Deluxe Registration only), and even create your own clockface image files (Deluxe Registration only). If you would like to have an alarm clock which is easy to see, but doesn't take over too much space, Icon Clock is the one, and is becoming a popular Windows alarm clock worldwide.
Icon Clock digital alarm clock   Icon Clock digital alarm clock   Icon Clock digital alarm clock
The Standard Registration (and the shareware download) includes all of the following features:
  • Four displays to choose from: regular clock, medium clock, icon size clock, or tray clock display.
  • An alarm which can be set for today only, every day, or a given date.
  • Choose from 16 colors for the Tray display.
  • Both an audible alarm and an alarm dialog box, in case your system sound is turned off.
  • An optional custom reminder message to go with the alarm.
  • Optional chimes every hour or half hour.
  • Use built in sounds, or select sound files for the alarm, reminder, and chimes sounds.
  • Can be set to start when Windows starts.
  • Can be set to start as the regular clock, icon size clock, or tray display.
  • Can be set to display hours as 1 to 12, or 0 to 23.
  • Displays either an am/pm indicator, or seconds on the full size clock.
  • Includes a dialog box for setting your computer's system time.
  • A snooze alarm, with an adjustable time length setting.
  • A highly visible calendar which will step forward or backward a month or year at a time.
  • Optionally make Icon Clock's window stay on top of other windows.
  • Additional sound files included for changing the alarm or chimes sounds.
  • An Icon Clock screensaver.
  • Synchronize Icon Clock's time with the NIST atomic clock.
The Deluxe Registration adds to these features:
  • Two additional alarms with the same sound, reminder, and snooze options as the first.
  • Four different clock faces to change Icon Clock's look.
  • Custom create your own colors for the time display and background.
  • Create and use custom image files to set Icon Clock’s clockface. A sample custom clockface image file is included with Icon Clock, to help get you started.
  • A collection of free custom clockface image files here on Icon Clock’s homepage, for you to download and use.
Icon Clock digital alarm clock

Shown above are the two ways to minimize Icon Clock. The icon size clock display on the left which, like the regular clock, can be moved anywhere on the screen, and will return to that spot the next time Icon Clock is run, gave the program its name. Icon Clock also gives you the option of minimizing its display to the system tray, as in the right image, where it joins all of your tray icons as a clock display which is much easier to see than the system clock, and takes up less space. When you move your mouse cursor over the tray display, Icon Clock will show you the date.  You can turn off your system clock display, and gain that tray space for other programs. Shown below is the medium size display.
Icon Clock digital alarm clock

The shareware version of Icon Clock has a registration reminder screen, once a day, and will only run for 30 days. There are no other nags, and the program is fully functional, with all the features of the Standard Registration. For just $10 you can purchase the Standard Registration; the Deluxe Registration is $20. If you are already a registered user of an earlier version, your registration code will still work for this version, and you can upgrade to the Deluxe Registration for $10. To do so, either email SpinnerBaker Software for the special online upgrade url, or simply do the Standard Registration again, and send email stating that you were already a registered user, and want to upgrade to the Deluxe Registration.

Here are three new clockfaces (13 kb) for Icon Clock. Just run the download file to extract the clockfaces, then copy the image files to Icon Clock's folder.

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