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MeshX - Easy 3D modelling with DirectXMeshX is a 3D modelling program, for creating, viewing, editing, and saving DirectX X files. It can be used to create and edit models for 3D programming, or just to create great 3D art. Since MeshX uses DirectX for loading and rendering X files, there's no conversion involved, so when you save to file, what you see really is what you get. There are three lights which you can move and adjust, and you can capture the DirectX window to an image file at any time.
Click for full size screenshotMeshX will let you easily view, rotate, move, and scale meshes. You can switch to full screen mode to get a better view, and still move and rotate meshes while in full screen mode. MeshX also will create seven basic shapes, and comes with a compressed library of models, to help get you started. Click the image on the left to see the full size screenshot of MeshX.

MeshX views meshes as solids by default, but its wireframe mode will display the basic mesh without lighting, and allow vertex level editing of the mesh. You can view the materials contained by the mesh, add new materials, and assign materials to selected mesh faces (3D painting, if you will). There are a few advanced editing functions that allow editing multiple selected faces, or all of the mesh faces, at once. MeshX also has boolean, tesselate, and mirror functions. If you screen capture meshes to image files, then edit with a graphics program, you can create some stunning 3D art.
MeshX, easy 3D modelling with DirectX
MeshX is the easiest to use 3D modelling program around, and one of few that uses X files as its native format. While it's unlikely to ever rival the power of the best of 3D modelling programs, its easy interface and inexpensive price make it a valuable utility for any 3D modeller to have at his/her disposal. Also included in the download is SoloMesh, the freeware utility for plucking individual meshes from X files which contain multiple meshes, and repairing X files that have been converted from other 3D formats. MeshX requires DirectX8 to run; if you don't see the 3D MeshX logo when MeshX's window first displays, you probably don't have DirectX8 installed, or your DirectX installation has a problem. DirectX8 can be downloaded free from Microsoft's internet site.
MeshX, easy 3D modelling with DirectX
The shareware version of MeshX has a registration reminder screen, which shows once a day, when you open a file. The unregistered version of MeshX will only open files for 30 days. For just $20 you can register MeshX, and receive the code which keeps MeshX loading files, by email. Program updates are always free for registered users, and there are many enhancements planned for MeshX.

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