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SoloMesh is a simple utility for plucking individual meshes from DirectX X files which contain multiple meshes. When you open an X file with it, SoloMesh will display each mesh, one at a time, and let you save each one to an individual X file.
SoloMesh can also fix many X files which have been converted from other 3D formats, using Keith Rule's Crossroads conversion utility. If you are a 3D programmer or artist, you will find a wealth of free models for downloading from the internet. Most are not in X file format, but by converting with Crossroads, then using SoloMesh to fix conversions that won't load with DirectX, and pluck individual meshes, you can gain a great collection of 3D models to work with.

SoloMesh screenshot

SoloMesh is included if you download MeshX. While SpinnerBaker Software retains the copyrights to SoloMesh, the program is freeware; do with it as you will. Be sure to respect the author's restrictions on any 3D model files you download, convert to X format, and use.

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