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Dom2000 - the most popular of shareware domino games!Dom2000 is classic draw Dominoes, played against 1 to 3 computer opponants. This version has 3 domino sizes, to always be easy to see. Dom2000 also has sound and speed settings, seven different background colors, custom create your own background color, seven different domino sets, skill level settings for the computer players, and other options. Draw Dominoes is a timeless and fun game, and Dom2000 is easy and intuitive to play.
Click for full size screenshotOn the left is a screen shot of Dom2000 (on a 1280 x 1024 display). Click the image to see the full size screenshot of Dom2000. Dom2000 uses 3 different sizes of dominoes, and will always use the largest dominoes that will fit on your screen, so the dominoes are always easy to see, no matter what resolution is being used. You can also manually choose smaller dominoes, if you want to conserve screen space for other purposes. To play the first domino (down), simply click it. After that, click a domino to highlight it, then click the end of the played domino string where you want the domino played. Choose from 1 to 3 computer opponants, set each's skill level and gender (for their voices), set the speed of play, and enjoy a good domino game. You can save and reopen games and the scoring, of course, is automatic. Shown below (full size) are Dom2000's seven domino sets and standard backgrounds.

Dom2000's seven domino sets

Try this classic game today! The shareware version of Dom2000 has a registration reminder screen, when you start a game. There are no other nags, and the program is fully functional, except for the additional domino sets, and the custom background colors. For just $10 you can register Dom2000, and receive the code which removes the reminder, and enables all of the domino sets and custom background colors, by email.

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