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The file viewer Windows should have given you!

FilePeek is the file viewer that Windows should have given you, but didn't. QuickView is way too slow, balks at formats it doesn't know, and truncates text at the first binary data. FilePeek will view the text in any file, no matter what kind of file it is, and very quickly. FilePeek now includes a Windows Explorer replacement!
FilePeek's file viewer converts non-displayable characters to a dot ( . ) and therefore, doesn't allow binary characters to truncate its view. The viewer is "read only", so you don't have to worry about accidentally modifying files you're viewing with it. FilePeek also has a hex view mode, if you need to see what those non-displayable characters are. Shown below is the file viewer in hex mode.

FilePeek file viewer screenshot

Whether or not the hex mode interests you, you'll find many uses for the text view mode. And FilePeek has many features. You can print files, open them with their default associated program or the program of your choice, search for text, copy to the clipboard, quickly resize FilePeek's viewer window to half screen size to compare two files, and use different fonts for Text and Hex view mode. FilePeek's viewer correctly opens multiple files, either from the explorer (or Windows Explorer) context menu, or from a command line parameter. It also accepts drag and drop files. FilePeek views very large files in sections, to speed up loading and conserve system memory. It's faster than ever. FilePeek keeps up to 8 items in its recent file list, but the recent file list doesn't work until you register. Those are just the file viewer's features! Shown below is FilePeek's explorer window.

FilePeek explorer screenshot

When you run FilePeek from its Start Menu shortcut, the explorer window is shown. FilePeek's explorer is like a simpler (translation: less crash prone) version of Windows Explorer. When you right click a file in the explorer window, you get the Windows Explorer context menu. FilePeek adds a command to this menu to let you instantly open the selected file(s) with its file viewer. If you browse local files with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, the FilePeek menu item is also available by right clicking a file name.

From the author: "I'm often asked which one of my own programs I use the most. It's no contest; FilePeek is the one. If you work with files a lot, you should try FilePeek."   Bud Baker

The shareware version of FilePeek has a registration reminder screen, once a day. There are no other nags, and the program is fully functional, except for the recent file list, but will only run 30 days. For just $10 you can register FilePeek, and receive the code which removes the reminder, enables the recent file list, and keeps the program running, by email.

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